Occupational Overuse Syndrome- You just might be a victim!

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Like working long hours in front of the computer wasn’t enough a cause of distress, the world is now hit by a very common disorder which is lovingly called the Occupational Overuse Syndrome which is accompanied by Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) and Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

RSI consists usually of the pain caused in different body parts due to the over usage of the same (like arms, neck, shoulders, joints, etc) while CVS consists of blurred vision, irritated, dry, itchy eyes, headaches, inability to refocus after working on the computer too long, etc. Since these are very regular symptoms people tend to ignore them but they will have lasting effects if not treated early.

As part of the Ayurveda Congress, the Ayush and Vignana Bharati had organized a family welfare programme where the solutions to this problem was seen from the Ayurvedic point of view which was termed Ayush-IT. “It is a cause of concern because these occupational health problems are increasing and if not controlled now, these problems can develop into severe health problems,” said Dr Kumar Sheshadri, who is a consultant neurosurgeon. He further added that symptoms of the OUS are triggers for other severe problems like depression, fatigue and migraines. “It is high time that the OUS is controlled as it paves the way for serious health problems,” said Dr Sheshadri.

The Director of Ayush, Mr. G.N. Sreekantiah added that this was a concern that was rapidly spreading especially amongst the working professionals in the IT-BT sectors and practicing Yoga and following the Ayurvedic measures will not only act as a curative measure but also a preventive one.

The statistics have shown that about 85% of the affected population has the CVS while about 75% of the affected population has chronic repetitive injury (CRI).

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