Effective digestion through Ayurveda

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According to ayurvedic principles diet constitutes an important part of life. Ayurveda really does not recommend fasting very often as it puts the digestive system out of track and it advocates light breakfast, substantiate lunch and a light dinner for a healthy living. This should be of course coupled with adequate exercise to the body and required amount of sleep. Simple ways that can be adopted for a healthy lifestyle are like drinking at least two glasses of warm water in the morning. This is right before even your morning tea or coffee routine. Also if you can do replace milk beverages with black teas or a better option would be to avoid any drink in the morning, as conscious and healthy eaters would know effective digestion stems from good eating habits.

The modern culture of junk food, eating food very fast is not suited for human bodies. Again the concept of fast food joints or ‘darshinis’ like in a city like Bangalore may be the order of the day as it becomes convenient for modern day lifestyle. However this is against ayurvedic principles where it does not recommend humans to stand and eat and advocates eating in sitting position and be in a relaxed frame of mind. As Maharishi Ayurveda propagates the individual needs to concentrate on taste, texture and smell of food to aid in digestion.

Stimulating the digestive fire or agni is very important in Ayurveda. For those who complain of poor hunger, Ayurveda recommends the intake of ginger and lemon juice. However please note that if you have the body type that has too much internal heat then alternatives like pomegranate chutney in small quantities may be more suited for you. Other healthy suggestions are avoiding caffeinated drinks or ice cold drinks including water. Water should be at room temperature and should accompany meals to help in good digestion rather than cause a hindrance.

Warm foods are preferred for breakfast in comparison to cold foods like cold milk, cold cereal as they become harder on digestion. Do note that fruit is better digested if had in the morning as part of breakfast or had as mid morning snack. As health practitioners recommend drink enough water. Even if it is cumbersome make it a habit to have at least eight glasses of water.

According to ancient principles of Ayurveda eating at regular meal times whether it is breakfast or other meals of the day, digestion is going to be easier for the human body. Also foods that are cooked fresh are good for digestion so avoid packaged foods or consuming reheated leftover foods that are not in principles of good eating habits.

Lunch should be in good sizeable portion as this will be the main meal. Indian foods are the best in terms of nutritional value and hence posses the quality of getting easily digested. Wherever you are staying in southern or northern part of India choose food that suit the climate.

Also make sure to eat a few salads like cucumber, tomatoes, onions and home grown sprouts. If this is made as a daily routine it will be slowly imbibed as part of the meal. For dinner try and have a vegetable soup every alternate day. Have a light dinner like dal, rotis and vegetable dish or rice dal and side dish comprising of boiled vegetables.


  1. Eat food slowly by chewing properly each morsel in the mouth. Do not gulp food down just because you are in a hurry.
  2. Do not engage in any other activity like watching television or working on computer or laptop while eating as the process of eating gets diverted and you will really not be able to concentrate on eating.
  3. Make sure to leave some space in your stomach just before you complete your meal. This will ensure better digestion rather than eating until heavily full.

Please note: Use the information above mentioned for reference only and not as a substitute for doctor’s advice.

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