Now get health insurance even under Ayurveda

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If until a while ago health insurance policies would cover only allopathy treatment, now its good news for those who opt for alternate medicines and want policies to cover them for their expenses. Under limited conditions, some companies have started providing insurance cover for those seeking ayurvedic  treatments too. However according to New India India Assurance only to the extent of 25 per cent will be covered under ayurvedic, unani or homeopathy provided they avail the treatment at a government hospital.

Likewise even Star Health covers non allopathic treatments except naturopathy under its Unique Health Insurance policy. Again under Cholamandalam MS General Insurance the company has decided to design a product to cover treatments under Ayurvedic hospitalization as it is the most popular of the alternate treatments.

It is important to note that no one cover is large enough to completely cover alternative treatments. One has to buy a standard health insurance from select insurance companies and others that offer coverage for Nonallopathic treatments.

Yet to be on the safer side before going for an alternative and make a claim, do check if treatment is indicated in the document of insurance


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