A new hope for Hepatitis B infection victims from Himalaya

Now Hepatitis B virus infection can be effectively managed with the latest product launched by the Himalaya Drug Company. It is one the of the leading herbal products company in the country and has launched Liv 52 HB. This drug is in the waitlist for a patent in the USA.

The drug is supposed to wield antiviral activity which enhances the defense system. In India, more than four crore people suffer from this infection. The drugs available currently for the treatment are not only very expensive and unaffordable to a lot of people but it also has serious side effects on the kidneys, blood, etc. However, Liv 52 HB claims to have no side effects and the cost of this drug for a 6 month course is only Rs. 4,680.


  1. i am suffiring from hep b since 2008.recently i started antiviral treatment.Now i heared about Liv52 hb.let me know whether it is effective or not

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