Winter time is good food time!

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It’s winter and as the temperatures are going lower your activity levels also go down in proportion. You want to stay cuddled up in the warmth of your homes or under the blanket longer than usual. With the cold increasing, the metabolism of the body systems also increases so as to maintain the heat within to keep you warmer. So this is the season where a little extra food with some fat and proteins won’t do any harm on your calorie gain.

The cold will make you crave for hot and spicy food and this season welcomes with it the use of these with a little more generosity. The consumption of fatty food is also quite good for the season as it takes lesser time to burn them down than in the warmer seasons. By consuming food that will keep the body heat consistent, it will help in maintaining the immunity during the season which will help fight the common seasonal diseases and also increase the energy levels in the body making you feel less lethargic.

Food including your regular spices and herbs such as pepper, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, thyme etc will do you good. Tea, which is one of the favourite beverages during the season, can also be spiced up with the mixed spice powder that can be made at home.
A coin has two sides to it and so does the dullness of winter. You can enjoy more food and variety in the name of staying warm and energetic, but that doesn’t mean excessive eating is the key. Maintain the three meal a day routine keeping the heavier food to the afternoon so as to maintain the balance.

Eat healthy and stay happy this winter!

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