Crash diets lead to crash landing!

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The season of good food and loads of alcohol is here! It is that time of the year where you are endlessly eating fatty food and having a party and drinking alcohol and letting yourself go. You don’t think of the aftereffects when the present is this much fun. If you don’t think about it now, then don’t think about it later.

The point of the matter is this- Crash diets are not the answer.
It’s a world where the smaller size has larger value, especially with women. It’s a matter of self esteem and self confidence for women to have that perfect body that we see on television or the hoardings around.

Here are some crash diets that will do nothing healthy to lose weight but crash the normal working of your body systems.

The most common diet that we have heard of is the banana diet. As the name suggests it just includes eating bananas for breakfast, as many as you can fit in. Ayurveda says that bananas contain kapha which is cold and heavy energy which might actually have a counterproductive reaction and people might just end up putting on weight.

The next fruit diet is the grapefruit diet which involves eating half a grapefruit and drinking unsweetened grape juice before each meal. The fruit is known to contain enzymes that speed up the burning down process within the body which results in the quick burning down of food. But this is unhealthy as well since it burns down carbohydrates, proteins and fats that are required in normal amounts which will result in malnourishment.

The next one is the fruit juice diet which involves consuming only fruit juices. This cuts out the fiber and proteins required by your body. Consuming whole fruits seems like a healthier option. The fruit juice diet might just be worse if you include protein supplements along with it to compensate.

The last one is the cabbage soup diet. Cabbage is known for its high fiber content and its detoxifying properties but it also causes discomfort in your body by increasing the gas. It also results in abdominal uneasiness. It also deprives you of other nutrients causing malnourishment.

The moral of the story is this- eat healthy, exercise, keep the food consumption in check, keep all the nutrients required in your daily diet intact and don’t rely on anything that sounds like crash diets.

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