India and Malaysia tie up for Ayurvedic research

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After the Ayurveda Congress, Malaysia is impressed with the ancient medicinal system and has now collaborated with India to explore the potential of natural herbs in the Forest Research Institute, Malaysia (FIRM). The president of the Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine, Dr. Lee Chee Peng said that he has invited the National Institute of Unani Medicine in Bangalore to start off with the research of natural herbs.

This invitation was extended when he had attended the Fourth World Ayurveda Congress that was held in Bangalore. He was here with a nine-member team from his society to the four-day Ayurveda congress, which ended on Monday.

Dr Lee said that India had about 9,000 natural herbs, out of which only 300 were exported to Malaysia. He also added that there was a lot of demand for traditional medicines in Malaysia and that about 70% of the population made use of this medicinal system. Dr Lee, who is chairman of International, Scientific and Research Council for Complementary Medicine, said that he is working very hard to set up a head office of the council in Malaysia soon.

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