Himalaya to fortify research into serious diseases

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Himalaya Drug Company is one of the most popular brands for Ayurvedic and herbal products. Seeing the potential for herbal medications not only in the country but also overseas, Himalaya has decided to come out with formulations and increase research in the fields of oncology, hepatitis B, women’s health issues and tropical diseases.

The company aims to provide evidence based research and also strengthen its research base, launch produces and increase accessibility in the markets.
Though allopathic medicine has a niche, herbal medicines have found one for it too. The herbal formulations not only provide effective treatment for chronic conditions but also help in preventive care. When both the medicinal forms come together across different healthcare practices it can create a powerful healthcare partnership.

Himalaya has been the only Indian company invited to present a paper on a drug that it released called Cystone for problems of the urinary tract, at the International Congress on Complimentary Medicine Research held in Norway. It is one of the very few brands known in Ayurvedic medicines in India along with names like Dabur, Baidyanath, etc, despite India being the place of origin for Ayurveda. But Himalaya distinguishes itself from classic Ayurveda and puts itself under the name of Contemporary Ayurveda, changing with time and modernity.

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