Man Claims Partial AIDS Cure.

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BERHAMPUR: While scientists and renowned pharmaceutical firms all over the world are busy trying to find a cure for AIDS, an Ayurveda diploma holder of the city has claimed to have found a partial cure for the disease. Incidentally the man Sarat Acharya happens to be the second son of former chief minister Binayak Acharya.

Sarat, though a diploma holder, is a regular reader of palm-leaf books. He started preparing medicines way back in 1971 after going through the directions given in the books. He has already prepared medicines for asthma, hepatitis, and piles and cured many patients.

According to him, he came across the AIDS medicine when a patient with fungus in mouth approached him for treatment recently. Sarat reportedly found the symptoms of the disease in the book and cured the patient after preparing the medicines. Later, Sarat took up the task to ascertain the name of the disease from the books.

It took him about a fortnight to go through several rare old palm-leaf books available at various places of the district and he finally found out that the disease is called Dugdha Amla Pitto (DAP). After thorough study, he found the symptoms of AIDS in DAP and then came the curable medicine.

Quoting the palm leaf books, Sarat said while the internal medicine prepared from different herbals is meant to be consumed by the patients for at least three months; the external medicine needs to be applied on the foot of the patient for six months.

Describing the details of his finding, Sarat had apprised the National AIDS Research Institute, New Delhi, and some Ayurvedic research institutes seeking further advice on the matter.

Dr.Prasher from Vedanta Ayurveda, New Delhi, an herbal organization working on AIDS, responded and asked Sarat to send the details of the writer, language and period of the palm-leaf books as well to proceed in his research.

Sarat is currently treating two HIV patients and both are showing encouraging results after taking the medicines prescribed by Sarat.

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