Ayurvedic Natural Digestive Products Improves Overall Health

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With all the talk of the swine flu and the havoc it can wreak, there is a common ailment — swine flu or not — that is sure to continue to plague mankind: stomach and digestive problems. It can be said with a very high degree of certainty that virtually every man woman and child of planet Earth has suffered from some kind of stomach or digestive ailments at some point in their life. Certainly, it played the ancients, which is why some of medicine’s oldest remedies are cures or stomach and digestive problems.

Ayurveda — the oldest form of medicine we have — long ago developed highly natural holistic medicines to help alleviate common intestinal and digestive problems. A system of alternative medicine more than 5000 years old, Ayurvedic products incorporate the use of natural herbal remedies and essential oils to help restore the body to a healthy and balanced state.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Ayurveda is a system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India. The reason you may have never heard of it, however, is due to the fact that a Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine was heavily suppressed during India’s years of foreign occupation. But all that is changing. Ayurveda and it’s natural holistic approach has been rediscovered by a Western culture looking for less invasive alternatives for maintaining optimal health.

A significant part of the Ayurveda philosophy of health is the concept of creating an ideal “balance” for the body and its many system. If one part of the body or one of the systems is not working properly, then it will tend to throw the other systems out of balance and thus lead to disease. Ayurveda seeks to use products found in nature in order to restore and maintain optimal health. Digestion, and having a digestive system that works properly is of the utmost importance for anyone who wants a strong and healthy body, and it is a common starting point for many naturalpathic therapies.

In fact, there’s been a renewed emphasis on colon health and keeping the large intestine clean and free of old contaminated debris. Although Ayurveda has recognized this for centuries, modern medicine is now recognizing the importance of intestinal health. Triphala for example is an ancient Ayurvedic formula specifically designed for maintaining proper digestive health.

Triphala, an herbal key of Ayurvedic medicine, is a composite herbal preparation containing equal proportions of three different fruits, Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Chebula and Terminalia Bellirica. In fact the word Triphala essentially means “three fruits.” Triphala is one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C. Triphala is reputed to prevent aging, impart immunity and improve mental faculties.


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