Say goodbye to Anemia with Ayurveda

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Minor imbalances in the blood components of our body are capable of opening up a plethora of health issues, and anemia is one such common medical conditions of the blood which is characterized by low count of red blood cells (RBC). As per an official estimate released by the World Health Organization (WHO), anemia affects over one-third of the total population of the world.

This is an alarming report that calls for immediate measures, hence curbing the further outspread of iron deficiency causing anemia is a critical requirement. Besides incorporating iron-enhancing medications, extending treatments at the nutritional level has already shown great results in improvising imbalances. Herbal treatment with iron supplements like AnemiCare not only increases the quantity of iron in the body, but it also supplements the body with Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Calcium.

The simple truth is that the problems of anemia arise due to reduced or inadequate intake of iron-rich food in our diet. Our body depends majorly on iron supply from external sources in order to produce red blood cells in our bone marrows. Technically, iron is an inseparable blood component used in the structuring of blood hemoglobin, and the redness of the blood is indicative of the presence of hemoglobin. Meanwhile, there are various other underlying causes of anemia excluding inadequate dietary intake, and they are— stomach ulcers, chronic internal bleeding due colon cancer, uterine cancer, intestinal polyps, hemorrhoids and so on.

People suffering from one of these medical conditions are subjected to continuous and slow loss of blood, as a result the amount of iron in their bodies remain below the threshold limit at all times. Also, vitamins and essential minerals aid in the production of red blood cells in the blood, so in other words iron, vitamin B12 and folate are the main components required in the making of hemoglobin in the blood.

In conformity with the degree of anemia in the body whether acute or chronic, an anemic person may exhibit symptoms ranging between fatigue, low energy, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, palpitations and paleness. But, severe cases of anemia are reportedly characterized by chest pain, dizziness, loss of consciousness, discoloration of stool, increased heart rate, breathing and more.

In similar lines with modern medicine, Ayurvedic treatment for iron deficiency causing anemia focuses on the importance holistic approaches. Both type of treatment methods employ the power of dietary supplements and healthy lifestyles. Increasing the intake of iron-rich foods such as mustard greens, spinach, turnip greens, broccoli, parsley, watercress, brussel sprouts, beans, lentils, soya beans, fortified iron whole grains, seafood like oysters, clams, tuna, salmon et al are the simplest remedy for overcoming pang of anemic distresses.

If you reckon Ayurveda to be the safest means for treating the problems of anemia, then AnemicCare, a potent herbal iron supplement, is the right choice for your \health. This purely herbal product carries zero side-effects and time-bound use of this vegetarian capsule guarantees relief from spells of dizziness and fatigue. It is capable of improving your stamina and replenishes vitamin C, iron and folic acid in your body system.

Make Ayurveda a part of your life and enjoy limitless happiness!

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