Shake away your blues with Ayurveda

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Depression is a common term that we come across in the present day scenario. Some reach out to anti depressants to relieve them of their condition but these will leave behind a lot of side effects.  The traditional medicine of India -Ayurveda, has cures for many serious disorders that exists and depression is no exception. M. Hemdev gives some of the cures that this medicinal practice provides.

Ayurveda advocates yoga, massage and meditation, which increase “prana”or the energy of life.  A concoction of Ashwagandha and Brahmi powder steeped in water for 10 minutes and drunk twice or thrice a day is said to cure depression. Another natural remedy for depression, which is widely advocated, is drinking a “kasahayam” or tea made from the (Indian basil) tulsi and sage.  Massaging the body and head with herbal oil and then having a hot water bath does wonders for the body and mind. These have been practiced from time immemorial in India and are very popular forms of treatment. In fact there are actually parlors  which offer you this kind of massage.

Yoga exercises helps in the increase of circulation of oxygen in the system, helps the mind to relax, stretches the muscles and helps to restore the neurochemicals. Deep breathing exercises or “pranayama” help the body  and mind to relax. By focusing on calm and peaceful things, the mind tends to counter the negative energy, which is present.

Aromatherapy has gained popularity of late because of its ability to help the body to relax and revive the nervous system. Inhalation of some herbal oils like rose, jasmine, lime, and grapefruit is a natural remedy for depression. Acupuncture is said to be a great mood enhancer. Eight –10 weeks of acupuncture treatment culminates in mood elevation, which is very similar to the elevation got by the use of anti depressants. Last but not least, prayer is said to have the power to heal. Religious practices and religious beliefs could help the person to cope with depression. All these natural remedies for depression may be sufficient by themselves if depression is not very severe, but in severe cases it needs to be combined with medication.

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