Holistic Ayurveda in Post-Pregnancy Treatments

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Soothika, a Global Prodice brand in Maternal and New Born Baby Care, recognized by the Government of India under Startup India programme and seed funded by KSIDC (Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation) is providing Holistic Pregnancy Care to both the mother and the child by offering Ayurvedic products to heal the post pregnancy problems.

Soothika, is a ‘Pro-allopathy Ayurveda brand’ amalgamating the concept of ‘6 Week Window’ for the mother as per modern medicine and ‘42 days for 42 years’ as described in Ayurveda immediately after the childbirth in particular.

These unique products have been endorsed by renowned expert gynecologists and are available at pharmacies of hospitals and maternity nursing homes. The concept of using right combination oils and herbs for post-pregnancy care has been the hallmark of this Kochi-based company, Soothika.

Thus, Soothika has enabled for the first time perfectly defined brand identification for specific post-natal care products.

After child birth women experience pain and look forward to relax and restore their bodies. Keeping this aspect in view, Soothika has evolved as a solution to gain entry into this untapped segment with Ayurveda products with medicinal values that help in pain management and restoration.

The company has come up with a Home care Prodice (acronym for product and service) business model, with a strong online presence and these products and services are made available across the world with a reach-out to the last mile.

The products listed by Soothika are the one and only tailor made solution for ‘post pregnancy care’ in formulations based on Ayurveda.

“During pregnancy and when you have an infant, you need to be cared the most. Instead of taking care of mother and kid separately, it is best to take care of pregnancy stage and post-pregnancy period as a whole. Soothika provides the best holistic way of maternal and newborn baby care. Apart from this, we empower women at the bottom of the pyramid as self-sustainable entrepreneurs. The training process as a Soothika Therapist is standardized to the extent that even uneducated women can be skilled to become Soothika therapists and consequently self-sustained empowered entrepreneurs,” said by Mrs. Rekha Babu, Founder & CEO, Soothika.

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