Ayurvision – 2007 – Three day Workshop on Dermatology

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Udupi, India, Dec 25: A workshop on Continuing Medical Education (CME) in clinical methods in dermatology “Ayurvision – 2007” will be organized here from Thursday December 27 to Saturdary December 29 by the department of Ayurveda, Kasturba Medical College (KMC), informed a press release.

Mr. M S Kamath, head of the department of Ayurveda, Kasturba Medical College speaking to media persons here on Monday, December 24 informed that nearly 60 Ayurvedic practitioners from various parts of the country would be taking part in the workshop.

Lectures on various clinical approaches towards skin diseases will be delivered by different scholars both from Ayurveda and modern medicines, like J R Krishnamoorthy, Srinivas Achar, C Balachandran, Raghavendra Rao, H Sripathi, K R Ramachandra and Madhusudhan Kamath.

Further Mr. Kamath added that delegates would be taken to the hospital wards for a clinical discussion.

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