Ritucharya- a seasonal food and lifestyle Calendar by BHU

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Each season is known for specific diseases that are prominent only in that particular season. People look into taking care so as to not be prone to falling sick. What if you have a calendar that tells you what to eat and how to live as seasons change so that you will never have to fall prey to the seasonal diseases again? This is the latest launch of the Banaras Hindu University – a calendar that will guide people to change their food and lifestyle patterns with changing seasons for better health.

Ritucharya: Science of Protection of Health, as the calendar is christened took six months to be designed and it brings into limelight the different types of food and lifestyle that goes well with the particular season. The Head of Department Prof. V.K. Joshi said that there are six seasons in the year and changing food patterns according to this is advisable. Prof. Joshi was assisted by Dr. Shivani Ghildiyal and her colleague Ramesh Chandra to come up with the calendar which will be made available for the public very soon.

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