State Level campaigns on Ksharsutra

Ministry of Health, Department of AYUSH organized a National campaign on Ksharsutra technique of Ayurveda for the treatment of Fistula-in-Ano and piles in New Delhi in August 2007. The scientific presentation and research data made available at the campaign convinced the participants, specially the allopathic doctors to adopt Ksharsutra as a better management technique for Fistula-in-Ano. One of the major recommendations of the national campaign was to organize state level campaigns on Ksharsutra so that Ksharsutra centers are established in district hospitals, community hospitals and medical college’s hospitals. Task Forces have been constituted both at the National and State level to implement the programme in the States.

This initiative of Department of AYUSH is picking up very well and the first state level campaign was launched in Chattisgarh on 22nd November, 2007 at Raipur. The campaign-cum-workshop of Ksharsutra inaugurated by Chief Minister and was attended by Health Minister, Health Services officers and 35 allopathic doctors/surgeons and 120 Ayurvedic doctors and opinion makers. As a follow up action Chattisgarh has decided to set up Ksharsutra clinic in the existing district hospitals. The training programme for the trainers will soon be organized in the faculty of Ayurveda, BHU, Varanasi. State Medical College, Raipur and Ayurvedic College, Raipur have been identified as the State training centers of Ksharsutra for Chattisgarh State.

Other States have also fixed up dates for their State campaigns on similar lines. Himachal Pradesh is organizing State Ksharsutra campaign on 10-11 December, 2007 at Palampur, Andhra Pradesh on 12-13 December 2007 at Hyderabad, Kerala State on 19-20 December, 2007 at Thiruvananthapuram, Jammu & Kashmir on 26-27 December, 2007 at Jammu and Government of Uttrakhand will organize State campaign-cum-workshop on Ksharsutra on 29-30 December, 2007 at Dehradun.

A standardized training module in this regard has been prepared which will be implemented in the 15 regional Ksharsutra training-cum-treatment centers in the country. For sustainable research and development on the Ksharsutra technique, a National Resource Centre – a Centre of Excellence on Ksharsutra will be established in the faculty of Ayurveda, Institute of Medical Sciences, BHU, Varanasi.

Source: PIB


  1. Resp.Sir,
    I would like to get more information regardng the set-up of new Ksharsutra center.I am presently working in a charitable 30 bed ayurved hospital in Ahmednagar district of Maharastra.
    Have attended state-campaign in Mumbai.
    Thank you

  2. sir , i am a student of M Sc pharmaceutical Medicine . I have my basic graduation as BAMS from MUHS. I am doing my project which is related to comparative study of different ksharsutras in fistula in ano. sir, can i get more imformation related to my project ?

  3. Respscted sir,
    I’m a B.A.M.S.Doctor from kolkata.I need a training on ksarsutra your institution provide such training or course?If you be pleased to reply me for the same I shall be very much thankful to you.

  4. Respscted sir,
    I’m a B.A.M.S.Doctor from Bariely .I need a training on ksarsutra your institution provide such training or course?If you be pleased to reply me for the same I shall be very much thankful to you.

    9th june,2009 at 8:20am
    Dear sir,
    I am a BAMS doctor,Ineed to training on ksharsutra treatment.Is your institue provide such traing or course?if you be please be reply me for the same I shall be very much thankful to you.

  6. Dear Sir,
    Kindly let me know good doctor who does kshara sura in bangalore. I ma already done this but unhappy with doctor. i just want to change my threads regularly.

  7. Res.sir i want to join a Kshar Sutra advanced training programs,please provide a needfull information. At present I am practicing K Sutra at HYDERABAD AP.Thanks,

  8. Respected Sir, I am a BAMS graduate from Nepal. I want to join a KsharSutra training Programme. Sir, would you provide me the necessary information regarding the training programme. I am looking forward. Thanks

  9. the kshar sutra is safe tt in haemoroids& fistula.its my suggestion to all bams graduates to adopt this threapy,it give name& fame

  10. Let us all who wants to learn KS technique form a common platform so as to learn it combinedly.

    Dr Rajesh Chhabra

  11. Respected Sir, iam an ayurvedic doctor from siliguri west bengal.i am very much eagar to have ksharasutra training programme which is conducted by let me know sir when it will be done in West Bengal.
    Anticipating your acknowledgement soon sir.

  12. I am a BAMS doctor.I am also kshar sutra specialist. I am doing kshar sutra at my nursing home.If any body know about kshar sutra ,can send mail in my email side.

  13. Respected Sir, I am an ayurvedic doctor from West Bengal.I am very much eagar to learn ksharasutra which is conducted by AYUSH.PLZ. let me know
    Anticipating your acknowledgement soon, Thanking you

  14. sir,I am from Manipur working as a doctor
    (BAMS) under NRHM .since last 3 years I am practising Ksharasutra in my OPD.I would like to go for a short course to upgrade my knowledge .pliz help. Thanking you and whish ua happy new year.

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