Ayurveda Liv-52 of Himalaya, India's top selling drug

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For the first time, an ayurvedic drug, Liv-52, has become the top selling drug in the country in value terms. Himalaya Healthcare’s flagship liver tonic has registered the highest sales by value, toppling traditional chemical-based best-sellers of domestic and global pharma majors, if one goes by figures available for July 2007.

According to research firm ORG IMS’ sales figures for July 2007, Liv-52 outsmarted traditional market leaders such as Pfizer’s Corex, Nicholas Piramal’s Phensedyl and last month’s best-seller Novartis’ pain-killer drug Voveran to emerge as the topper. Ayurveda-based drugs are nowhere in the top pharma sales index, and Liv-52 is the lone representation in the country’s Top 30 drugs list.

Read the full article at source: The Economic Times


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