Do's and don'ts of stress control and spiritualty.

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Erosion of potential is known as stress. Spirituality is the key. Selection of ‘Eustress’ over ‘Distress’ is known as stress management. Stress is the non-specific reaction of the external stimuli. If we take stress positively, it becomes Eustress and negative stress is called Distress. Concept of sound health depends on physical health, mental health, social health and spiritual health. Disharmony among the four components of human beings can lead to stress. Stress should be constructive to gain creativity.

Spiritual health is the key. We should take care of ourselves. We should be energetic. Our thoughts should be positive. We should eat balanced diet.  We should be vegetarians.  We should practice yoga and Ayurveda to be more agile and active. We need to stay alert. We should be speedy and learn new things. We should take risks and go for success. Blissful life is a positive way of complete well being. We should identify the stress signals and then these signals need to be lynched by us. Three types of signals are — physical and nervous signals, mood signals and behavioral signals. Stress gives us tension, depression, frustration, hostile attitude, pressure and that’s how we become hopeless and helpless.

Medicine is not the way to keep good health. we need to balance our emotions. to keep good health and get relief from stress we should follow some directions which are mentioned in WHO. We should aware of the influence around us– what we eat, what is our daily routine and how we sleep. Anxiety and pressure prevail as we ignore mental health. Mental fatigue makes man weak. Eight hours of sleep is must. Exercise, yoga, balanced diet, daily routine should be maintained.

Due to stress inner potential gets injured and energy level gets down. Unhealthy diet, unhealthy pattern, drug addiction, feeling of financial insecurity or illness in family creates stress problems. Lower compatibility level is one of the reasons of stress. We are progressing towards decay and stress is going to be the killer. Rhythm of life should be smooth. Burning out shows that the person has reached the critical stage. Physical health depends upon the activities we do. Do not get disheartened by small things in life.

Modernization and self-centered attitude lead to loneliness. Loneliness is the cause of disease. Socializing is one of the best qualities as it brings happiness, freshness and vitality. Being interactive, friendly and affectionate improves health. Life has turned mechanical. We should provide selfless service for the benefit of others. The concept of USA — ’Upasna’, ’Sadhna’ and ’Aradhna’ should be followed. Laugh as much as possible. Avoid feelings of jealousy, hatred, anger and frustration. Self confidence is the faith of God.

Failure in achieving set standard affects mental health. Stay away from guilt and be free from complexes. Mental well being depends on art of thinking. Negative thoughts lead to illness. Good thoughts nourish life. Meditation leads to mental health. Gayatri mantra gives light and energy. Being a social animal, we should learn the art of living in the society. All relationships are suffering; man has bought loneliness for itself. If you are always surrounded by good thoughts, you will be spiritually stronger and your mind will be always filled with good and high thinking. We need to know the level of our emotions in order to refine them.

Holistic health depends on spiritual health and positive thinking. Spirituality is immortal. Self-development, inner happiness and self-force give you growth. Spirituality is essential in your outlook. Spiritual health nourishes life. The one who comes out of this vicious circle is a true human being. Stress management is all about the selection of ’Eustress’ over ’Distress’.

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