Workshop on launching results of Ayurveda Research

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A workshop on “Launching the Outcome of the Ayurveda Research” made under Ayurveda Department Research Fund was held under the patronage of Minister of
Indigenous Medicine, Tissa Karaliyadda at the Bandaranaike Memorial Ayurvedic Research Institute, Navinna recently.

Minister of Indigenous Medicine Tissa Karaliyadda said that Ayurvedic research should be given priority as the government expects to take the treatment to International level.

The Borella Ayurveda Teaching Hospital, Ayurveda Research Institute, Ayurveda Drugs Corporation, Ruhunu University and Central Provincial Council jointly made the researches. Department of Ayurveda has spent Rs. 30 lakhs in this regard.

Over nine researches have been made under the project. Results of the researches made on diabetes, male infertility and dermatological disorders were launched at this workshop. Under multi-faceted research on cultivation of the bushy type Kothalahimbutu plantation for sustainable leaf/stem harvesting, survey on the food preparations of indigenous cereals and pulsars in Sri Lanka were also launched. Enhancing of the quality of drugs produced by Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Drugs Corporation and introduction of new products were submitted.

A team of doctors under Prof. Samarakoone has made research on producing drugs in crystal forms as remedy. They have successfully carried out the research on Tripal decoction. Research institute anticipates issuing this decoction in crystal form to the patients, after analyzing its chemical reaction. Borella Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital has commenced betel leaf treatment for diabetes patients. Patients are being treated on Mondays and Thursdays and achieved successful results.


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