Broken bones set right by herbal medicine

What could be more miraculous for those with fractures who can be cured without painful surgery through Ayurveda? Sounds interesting!

A bone-healing centre in Tamil Nadu state is gaining popularity among orthopaedic patients who believe that traditional therapy has miraculous healing powers. A family runs the clinic located at Puttur, 100 km away from Chennai, for over 125 years, where the traditional doctors heal the patient.

Having satisfied with the therapy Hameed, one of the patients said, “I met with an accident two years ago and fractured my thigh. I immediately came for this treatment. I got treatment for six weeks and now I am cured and alright.”

This miraculous treatment has made the family a household name and patients not only from the State but also from the neighbouring States like Andhra Pradesh, Karnatka and Kerala regularly visit the clinic.

Gopala Raju who discovered a medicinal plant by chance set up the clinic in 1881. He experimented the medicine on a rabbit whose back was broken and after that started treating patients from nearby villages, which include mostly labourers from construction sites and poor children.

Subramaniyaraj, a doctor at the clinic said, “We are running the clinic for past 125 years, and I belong to the fifth generation. Our treatment is for 45 days and we apply herbs and eggs as medicines. After three bandages, the patient is cured.”


  1. Dear Friend,

    Can u advise me how to reach the Puttur Bone Centre for Treatment for my mother-in-law? I have to come from Trivandrum, Kerala? How to reach the place and where is the place situated or can you suggest me the best place where can i able to get treated for the back bone fracture since fallen down at the Kitchen? Your most valuable suggestion is requested immediately, Regards Joseph

  2. I met with an accident,broke my femur bone at supracondylar position and underwent surgery six months ago.However I broke the same bone again along with the DCS PLATE(implant) and again underwent surgery in december 2010.I had my leg in cast for three months and now my knee is not bending at all.Will going to puttur bone center be useful?will my knee bend again?Please tell me

  3. Sunil Yadav, It is a matter of interest and boldness. To get movement in knee you need a lidocaine or such cream and pain killer such like Ibu. profaine. Rub this on knee and take a pain killer. Sit on a table and let the leg bend with force downward. Don’t be afraid of pain. It will take at least one year to get bend of 80 or 90 degree. It will ease you for in your daily livelihood and movements of life. I personally practised it for more than one year. You may also go to any fitness centre and train your self on leg trainer. It is my own experience after the fracture was healed up.

    Sharma R.P.

  4. My father is suffering from backbone fracture in l1 and l2.also he is on dialysis.he is unable to move his feet properly

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