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New Delhi, December 4, 2007: H&B Stores Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dabur India Ltd., today unveiled the brand name for its specialty beauty, health & wellness retail business – ‘new-u’.

Addressing a media conference in Delhi, H&B Stores CEO Mr. Peter Baker said: “The Indian consumer has no doubt come of age. But the shopping experience in India has not kept pace with this change. Even though retail outlets have mushroomed across the country, most of them still do not offer Indian consumers the kind of shopping experience that people in the rest of the world are used to. With ‘new- u’, we are committed to bring that world-class shopping experience to India.”

The ‘new-u’ brand logo was also unveiled by Mr. Baker and Mr. Graeme Fraser, Head-Sourcing, Buying & Merchandising, H&B stores. “The logo has a contemporary design feel that reflects both the brands desire to offer the Indian shopper a totally new and modern retail experience. And, firmly emphasises the brands customer focus ‘about you’; meeting the emerging customer needs and expectations with unrivaled care and service available in India today” said Mr. Fraser.

The brand name and design ‘new-u’ reflects the essence and ambitions of H&B Stores – a brand which will cater to all the requirements of a customer on the beauty and health platform. It symbolizes the transformation that the stores will offer its patrons something new, engaging and innovative.

Mr. Baker announced that the first retail outlet sporting the ‘new-u’ brand name would open its doors to customers by the end of January in Delhi and then quickly expand to other major cities in India. “By the end of the 2007-08 fiscal, we have scheduled six ‘new-u’ outlets in the Delhi NCR region. We will then quickly expand our presence into other markets, adding another 50 stores in 2008-09, and take the number of ‘new-u’ stores to 160 by 2009-10,” Mr. Baker added.

The ‘new-u’ stores will offer consumers comprehensive health and beauty solutions under one roof. Positioned as the ultimate retail destination for all your health, wellness and beauty requirements, the stores will have an attractive interior design while offering a relaxed, soothing ambience for shoppers.

“We wish to provide our consumers an international quality store environment and product range incorporating a global look and feel. Designed by using the latest trends in global Health & Beauty industry standards, ‘new-u’ stores will provide a never-before retailing experience to Indian consumers,” Mr. Fraser said.

The stores will have around 20,000 products (SKUs) in different categories, including; colour cosmetics, fragrances, skin and personal care, baby & family care, fashion accessories, general merchandise, Ayurvedic, herbal and pharmaceuticals. The ‘new-u’ stores will also be springboard for several international cosmetics and personal care brands into the Indian market.

Set up with an initial investment of Rs 140 crores, H&B Stores Ltd. Is establishing its presence in the retail market in India with a chain of stores on the Health & Beauty format. The stores will also house beauty and health experts who will offer advice to consumers on particular products that suit their specific needs. “The beauty and health advisors would be one of the strong differentiating factors of ‘new-u’ stores. Our intention is to give the consumers a wide choice of beauty, health and wellness products all under one roof in a modern comfortable environment with many great value for money offers,” Mr. Fraser added.

While the ‘new-u’ outlets will have a portfolio of Indian and international brands, private labels will also play an important role in the stores’ total merchandise offering. The store sizes (carpet) will vary from between 1,200 sq ft to 6,000 sq ft.


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