Certification Scheme voluntary for 1 year: Commerce Ministry

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The Union Commerce Ministry has decided to make the proposed ‘certification scheme’ for the Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani exporters voluntary for one year after which the ministry will assess the scheme to make it mandatory for exporting these products.

Earlier, the ministry’s proposal had evoked stiff resistance from the ayurveda industry which termed the scheme as introduction of yet another inspection agency and would increase the time and cost for the products being exported from the country.

According to sources in the Union Commerce Ministry, a decision to this effect was taken at a recent meeting chaired by joint secretary, commerce ministry, Rajiv Kher. The meeting was also attended by senior officials of the department of Ayush.

As per the decision, the ministry will soon issue a notification making the certification scheme voluntary for the exporters of ayurveda, sidda and unani (ASU) for one year. During this one year, the ASU exporters will be free to use the certification scheme to prove their quality standards. If they wish to use the certification scheme they can use it or they can use their own mechanism to ensure quality standards.

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