Amrita Ayurveda Hospital

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Amrita Ayurveda Hospital is an important part of Amma’s noble aspiration to revitalise India’s ancient medical heritage and a wonderful opportunity for the entire world to obtain the finest treatment in Ayurveda. The hospital is situated on 25 acres of land near the backwaters along the coast of Kerala, 3 kms west of the National Highway near Karunagappally. Adjacent to Amrita Ayurveda Medical College, this is a fully functional 250-bed Ayurvedic hospital, staffed with highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners. The hospital, comprising one-half of the 2,00,000 square feet area of the entire campus, has many state-of-the-art medical facilities, including an X-ray room, ECG, ultrasound, ICU, several operation theatres and a fully equipped lab with the capacity to make all varieties of pathological investigations. There is also a casualty department, a labour room and a panchakarma clinic where all type of panchakarma treatments are performed. In addition, the hospital campus includes 5 acres of medicinal garden (currently under development) and a well-equipped pharmacy for making Ayurvedic medicines.

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