Goodcare Pharma launches Diabet Guard

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August, New Delhi: Goodcare Pharma Pvt. Ltd., a company focused on lifestyle Ayurvedic Medical Solutions is set to revolutionize the diabetes control solutions with the launch of its benchmark ayurvedic medicine for diabetics – Diabet Guard.

Diabet GuardDiabet Guard is a 100% natural medicine for the treatment of diabetes that effectively reduces the blood sugar level and keeps it under control. A composition of 20 time-tested herbs, such as Jamun, Karela and Neem etc., it stimulates the pancreas – to generate insulin while also fighting insulin resistance, thus making Goodcare Diabet Guard the perfect natural and affordable remedy for Diabetes.

This potent herbal formulation also helps to prevent the allied complications associated with diabetes. Diabetes can be controlled and a patient can lead normal life if he takes care of himself by adopting right treatment.

Goodcare Diabet Guard is an effective and affordable remedy for diabetes, and a 100gm pack is available for Rs. 68.00. Offered in granules form, addresses the core problem by effectively reducing blood sugar and keeping under control. A recent study in the USA over a ten-year period showed that if patients keep their “blood sugar close to normal” they could reduce the risk of ailments by 50% or even more.

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