Ayurvastra, the medicinal clothes!

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The world has suddenly become health conscious. From the celebrities to the common man, health has got itself a brand new meaning. People are going for not only eco friendly lifestyles but also body friendly diet plans and workouts. From natural foods to Yoga to Ayurvedic medicines, health conscious people have tried them all.

It’s time now for them to try something new. Ayurvedic, healthy clothes! Ayurvastra, is the latest addition to the market for health freaks who want to dress healthy too! The medical dress has fabric that is 100% Cotton and Organic cotton, free from any chemicals, making them free from toxins and irritants. The fabric is dyed using various Ayurvedic herbs, sandal wood oil, neem and turmeric and is quickly climbing the popularity chart. The trans-dermal process takes place when the fiber makes skin contact, through which the herbs and plants which are diffused into the pores of skin restore vitality with balance for healing health.

So if you stand for the Health is Wealth concept, then go try on your set of healthy clothes this season!

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One thought on “Ayurvastra, the medicinal clothes!

  • September 28, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Please let me know who to contact to purchase this type of fabric for clothing line production.

    Best Regards,

    Justino Molinaro


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