Simple home remedies for sore throat

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Although, gargling with salt water or adding a pinch of salt and turmeric to a glass of warm water and gargling with the mixture, are all good remedies for sore throat, they can be used more as a preventive option than a curative one. Discussed here, are few more traditional effective home remedies that can comfort and cure a sore throat.

Ginger: Add a teaspoon of ginger powder to a glass of boiled water. When it has cooled down, add one to two drops of honey and the juice of half-a-lemon. The resulting mixture could be used for gargling all through the day.

Clove: Chewing a clove with rock salt or crystals of common salt is useful to soothe an irritating throat.

Fenugreek: Mix four teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in a glass of warm water. Boil the mixture, and allow it to simmer. The resulting solution can help relieve sore throat. On cooling and straining, the resultant mixture can be used for gargling.

Cumin: Boil a glass of water by adding a teaspoon of cumin seeds and a piece of ginger. Simmer, allow the mixture to cool and gargle with water.

Basil: Boil basil leaves with water and drink twice a day. This can also be used for gargling as and when required.

Henna leaves: A decoction of the leaves can be used as gargle, in cases of throat pain for effective relief.

Cinnamon-cardamom mix: Take a teaspoon each of powdered cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger and powdered sugar, and make a decoction. A teaspoon of this, when taken twice a day with honey or warm water, will heal a sore throat and ease any congestion in the throat.

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