Balan Natural introduces Amla and Brahmi juice

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Bangalore based Balan Natural Foods Ltd. (BNFL), a leading integrated juice and processed food producer, has introduced two new wellness juices- Amla and Brahmi. These are available across markets (in all leading retail chains) such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi (NCR) and Gujarat.
“As the name, Bnatural indicates, the purpose is delivering food products from natural ingredients without removing or altering their flavour and the nutrition they provide and adding to the way they taste and look. Thus, the products are not just health but tasty to have and a lot more fun,” said a company spokesperson.
Introducing these two products, Arunachalam Nandaakumar, Chairman Bnatural, said: “Human wellness is our purpose and our task is to deliver that nourishment in the original tastes and flavours that each fruit, vegetable, herb and grain offers with least possible distortion in processing and packaging.”
The Amla fruit is considered to be bestowed with Rasayana Properties. A rasayana herb in Ayurveda is one which boosts immunity and scavenges the free radicals from the body by detoxifying the blood and other tissues in the body.The fruit contains nearly 20 times as much as vitamin C as orange juice. Every 100 gm edible fruit provides 470-680 mg of vitamin C (as per the nutritive value of Indian foods – icmr 2004). This along with tannis present in it imparts the antioxidant benefit to the body when taken regularly.
Ayurveda recommends Amla for improving the digestion, blood purification and building the resistance of the body against various infectious diseases. Regular use of Amla also helps optimize liver functions to ensure that one gets sustained energy throughout the day. Modern researches have proved that regular use of Amla also helps smooth cardiac functioning. Amla is specifically known for its benefits to combat common cold and sore throat.
For many centuries Brahmi has been used in Ayurveda as a brain tonic to improve memory and concentration. Brahmi improves receptive and retentive capacity of mind and is known as the Neuro and Cardio tonic.
Now scientists using modern scientific tools have studied the herb and attributed these benefits to its active constituents.
Its active constituents help calm the mind by reducing the stress. By virtue of its anti-stress activity, Brahmi also helps optimize the blood pressure in people who suffer from hypertension. It rejuvenates the nerves and brain cells and therefore plays an important role in ayurvedic therapies for the treatment of cognitive disorders of ageing.
In Ayurveda it is considered as best brain tonic and is very widely given in improving memory and concentration. It is unique in its ability to invigorate mental processes whilst reducing the effects if in stress and nervous anxiety by inducing a sense of calm and peace.

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