Baidyanath revalidates ayurvedic drugs

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Ayurveda has always struggled to be at par with modern medicine and in an effort to make this more valid Ayurvedic merchandise production giant Shri Baidyanath Ayurved Bhavan has initiated the process of revalidating its products scientifically.

To kick start this process they have started with testing one of the most effective medicine namely Tamra Bhasma (copper- based) and this has been supported by reputed institutes like National Chemical Laboratory(NCL) and Bhide Research Institute (BRI) of Pune and Institute of Pharmaceuticals Education and Research (IPER), Sewagram. The time taken for this process is approximated to be three years and will be followed by the testing of Swaran Bhasma.

“Ayuvedic granths documented the working and constituents of various medicines and herbs but modern medicine requires ‘evidence based’ data on not just toxicity but also mechanism of action. To adhere to this requirement, Baidyanath has initiated the process of revalidating the facts since last one and half years,” said B K Shrikhande, Director of Research, Baidyanath Research Foundation and chief executive (technical) of Baidyanath.

Arogyavardhani Vati is another medicine which is also copper based for which the process has been started which is a hepato protective medicine for liver. The medicine contains fine form of copper along with other powerful herbs which are known to heal liver diseases. BRI is simultaneously producing the medicine since both Baidyanath and BRI is using the ancient Ayurvedic medicine literature to prepare it which will also be tested.

Shrikhande also told that the preparation of the bhasma involves two processes namely purification of the metal (Shodan) using a copper wire or plate, and Bhasmikaran which is the firing of the metal in a furnace till it gets converted into the metal oxide. He told that the metal oxide form steeles easily in the body and will not have any ill effects.

The medicine has already been given to the NCL and BRI for testing.  “After revalidation is over, our product will also have information constituents and contraindications. Once one drug is tested, evolving a protocol for future tests on other products will be easier. The Drug Act has already fixed the parts per million (ppm) limits of different metals that can be used in medicines. Our products will follow these limits,” Shrikhande said.

Swarna Bhasma is easier to test since some work has already been established for this medicine including human testing. Baidyanath still wants to revalidate the product through scientific characterization to evolve a process that can optimize the minimum quantity of gold in the form of nano-particles that would have the desired effect. Shrikhande said that since gold is expensive they would try to make the medicine available at an affordable price.

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