AyurVAID Hospitals launches new facility in Hubli

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Bangalore, Karnataka – AyurVAID: Hospitals, a leading chain of Ayurveda hospitals promoted by Kochi-based Kerala First Health Services Pvt. Ltd, today announced the opening of its first facility in Hubli. AyurVAID: Hospitals’ Hubli facility is a 30-bed hospital with all modern amenities. The hospital offers the full range of out-patient and in-patient medical services for treatment of serious medical conditions using classical Ayurveda. The hospital (formerly known as Dr. Jakkaraddi’s Hospital) is located in the heart of Hubli, off the Hubli-Dharwad Main Road, at Vidya Nagar, near Vidya Nagar Police Station and Karnataka Medical College.

Announcing the launch of the hospital, Mr. Rajiv Vasudevan, Founder & CEO, AyurVAID: Hospitals, said, “This is the first Ayurveda hospital in such scale and format to be set up in northern Karnataka, in the private sector. The full range of Ayurveda out-patient and in-patient medical management services including comprehensive panchakarma and other classical Kerala Ayurveda treatment procedures under the supervision of senior physicians and trained nurses is now available to the residents of Hubli-Dharwad.

The General Medicine department at the hospital offers effective solutions for chronic illnesses and lifestyle disorders commonly found in people today, including metabolic disorders, neurological & orthopaedic ailments, liver disorders, skin problems, respiratory disorders, and geriatric disorders. Further, the ‘Infertility and Womens’ Specialty’ department at this hospital offers effective treatment for female & male infertility; medical management for mainstream gynaecological problems such as PCOD, menstrual disorders; and classical Ayurveda care for women during pre-conception, ante-natal, and post-natal periods”.

“The AyurVAID: Hospitals’ facility in Hubli is equipped with a full-fledged operation theatre to perform ‘Ksharasutra’ Ayurveda surgery. ‘Ksharasutra’ is a special Ayurveda surgical technique that is increasingly recognized globally as the treatment of choice for tough ano-rectal problems such as fistula and piles.” he added

AyurVAID: Hospitals has been accredited as a network hospital by several leading medical insurance third party administrators (TPAs) as well as medical insurance companies. Medical insurance policy holders can avail of cashless facility for inpatient Ayurveda medical care, subject to the underlying terms of their policy. AyurVAID Hospitals currently has its presence in Cochin, Aluva and Bangalore, and will soon be expanding into other cities of India.


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