Yash Birla group takes majority stake in Kerala Vaidyashala

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MUMBAI: The Yash Birla group has announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Kerala Vaidyashala, a leading ayurvedic therapy centre chain, through a joint venture.

The Group will hold a 51 per cent majority stake in the new entity, Birla Kerela Vaidyashala, and plans to invest Rs 50 crore over the next three years to expand its presence pan-India. This venture is an extension of the Group’s foray into the healthcare and wellness industry, announced last year.

“Our group has identified healthcare, especially ayurveda, as a major focus area for the future and we are in the process of defining numerous forays into this sector,” Yash Birla Group’s Chairman, Mr Yash Birla, said.

“This acquisition is the first in a series of initiatives that we will be launching in this sector. Our aim is to create a commanding and leading presence in the ayurvedic and herbal healthcare segment through focussed investment and stategic acquisition s,” he added.

Kerala Vaidyashala has its roots in the Calicut district of Kerala from where it branched out to open the first stay-spa at Aluva near Kochi and was further expanded in the late-1990s by setting up a chain of 30 therapy centres across India, the release said

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