Ayurveda- art of being- The Movie

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Not many would take interest in watching a movie that did not arise in Hollywood or Bollywood. But if Ramayana and Mahabharata could be made into movies, something that has existed for centuries now and is still made use of can definitely made into a movie as well. This thought was put into action when Pan Nalin made a movie on Ayurveda featuring five elements in visible and invisible form which is 102 minutes long filmed entirely on locations in India, Greece & USA in the year 2001. But how many of us know about this film?

The film travels nearly 15,000 kilometres through landscapes of exceptional beauty and geographical variety in India, Greece and USA. For several months Pan Nalin and his research team constantly searched out people and places almost all over the world; to do total justice to this exceptional subject, to voice the story of Ayurveda through exceptional Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Doctors), patients and experts.

Some of the Vaidyas have revealed their secrets and open their home and clinics to contribute to the film. Plant searching tribes took them into dark corner of jungle where a rare endangered plant still grows wild. Ancient Palm-leaf manuscripts locked away for 3 to 5 centuries were looked for and made use of. Ancient ‘Mud-Scanning’ method of Diagnosis has been considered extinct and lost but their months long efforts managed to track down the last surviving place. A rarely seen lost science of Marma, vital points, and how it can kill or cure; was demonstrated on a goat for the first time revealing vital points which can paralyze.

During the 3 long years while preparing the film Pan Nalin was himself surprised despite being exposed to the science of Ayurveda in his family, to discover how scientific Ayurveda is. “I personally believe that our world of today, into a new millennium, is going to need natural arts of healing like it never did ever before. Spirituality and natural balances will play a vital role in governing our happiness in near future. No single film can do justice to the vast science of Ayurveda but for me the film is just a sharing, but the sharing that inspires, naturally” quotes Pan Nalin.

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