Relish your fruits the healthy way this summer!

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When we talk Ayurveda we mean discipline. Ayurveda is known not just for its overall health benefits but also a certain system, obedience and restraint that we have to follow to gain the expected results. From curing major diseases to following a particular lifestyle, Ayurveda leaves no questions unanswered.

But for something so complex and intense, we never think that there would be a way of eating fruits to gain maximum benefits from the same. It’s summer and it’s the season of mangoes and watermelons. But have you ever thought for a moment that these could not only be enjoyable to eat but could also be made healthy if eaten the Ayurvedic way? Here’s how you eat them!

Mangoes are rightfully called the king of fruits and we all await the summer season to relish this fruit. But mangoes are known to increase body heat and cause dysentery. To avoid this displeasure you could consume a pinch of ginger powder or just eat a small piece of ginger (you could add a pinch of salt and a drop of lime juice to the ginger piece) as soon as you eat a mango. This will control any ill effects a mango could cause to your body.

Watermelons are another favourite of a lot of people for the season. These are not only sweet but also hydrating to your body. But to make it more beneficial to you, add black pepper powder to the watermelon pieces and eat them. This will help in reactivating the digestive activity which has usually come down in the season.

Enjoy your summer fruits the healthy way!

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