Take a peg, pop a pill!

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Deccan Chronicle: In a state where the people drink for all reasons and no reasons, it is no wonder there is an increase in the number of liver diseases. And to cash in on this situation, many drugs are flooding the market, claiming to cure liver cirrhosis and other related diseases. Ayurveda, allopathy, homoeo and naturopathy medicines are vying with one another to offer a solution to one of the most common health problem in Kerala.

Kamilari tops the list of medicines used by men who want an easy way out of the adverse effects of liver problems.

Liv-52, G-Liv-DS liver syrup, Savliv, Liver Rescue 4+ etc are some of the medicines that are available in the market. Apart from this various concoctions like Neem rasayana are used by people to reduce the effect of alcohol on the liver. Many drugs claim to enhance liver detoxification and prevent further damage to this most vital organ in the body.

“Many people believe that all ayurvedic medicines can be used without the fear of side effects, but it is not so. An expert opinion should be sought before one starts medication to prevent liver damage,” says ayurveda doctor Sheeba Gopinath.

Though doctors warn against the use of medicines without proper expert consultation and advice, many people prefer to buy them over the counter than seek professional help.

Detoxify is another medicine popular in the state that claims to cleanse the liver and prevent diseases. But it is high time people identified the cause of the problem before reaching for a quick solution.

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