Ayurveda interns strike

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The Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery students went on a strike to mark their protest against the new internship scheme that was introduced by the Centre. The students were comprised of 64 Ayurvedic medical colleges across the state of Mumbai and they had congregated in Nasik in front of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences to voice their displeasure over the decision.

The three month internship at urban civil hospitals was supposedly annulled which used to help them gain basic training and knowledge in casualty, accident, emergency, medico legal cases and intensive care unit cases as well. But now that this was cancelled, the students protested that this will bring down their practical training knowledge and experience. The interns have also approached their counterparts to help them with the protest and have formed the Maharashtra State Ayurvedic Interns Action Committee 2011-12.

The doctors and interns told that they would report to work only when the new internship pattern is changed. Nearly 400 interns took part in the protest.

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One thought on “Ayurveda interns strike

  • May 10, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Post Graduate Students of Govt. Aided Ayurveda colleges in Maharashtra are going on a hunger strike from 11th May, 2011, at Azaad Maidan, Mumbai for their right of stipend. Proposal for stipend has been put up in the govt. from 2008 but is still being delayed unnecessarily. 2 students have lost their lives in the strike held in 2008. Ministers are just promising but no positive moves anywhere…..the last resort is HUNGER STRIKE. News Already in maharshtra times and lokmat(10/5/11 edition)


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