Chocolate as an Antidote

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Have you ever wanted to binge on chocolate without thinking for once about the calories you are consuming? Have you ever wished that chocolate should be added into the list of healthy things hat you can eat every single day?

Your wishes have come true with Antidote Chocolates, delicious bars made sustainable with a unique blend of raw and roasted cocoa for optimum taste and nutrition. The chocolate bars are organic, vegan and made with minimal sweeteners and are available in five different flavor combinations named after a Greek goddess containing 84% cocoa.

The chocolates are also enriched with anti oxidants to add on to the healthy touch. The chocolates are named Gaia which is a regular flavour, Panakeia, a Lavender Sea Salt flavour, Aletheia with Ginger and Goldbery flavour, Kakia which is red hibiscus and berry flavour, and Artemis which is almond and pepper flavor.

Antidote chocolate is also enriched with Maringa, a herbal plant known for its healing qualities

Antidote chocolate is available at retail stores and online. Visit and let your senses delve into the flavours of healthy chocolates!

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