Shahnaz Hussain's thoughts on herbal medicine

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Shahnaz Hussain, the Chairman of ASSOCHAM National Council of Ayurveda expressed her views on the present scenario of the state of medicinal and aromatic plants and spices and told that there is a dire necessity to improve the capacity of existing organizations and also to develop business based approaches for input delivery, extension, marketing, processing certification and value added related activities.

During the inaugural ceremony of the 3rd ASSOCHAM Herbal International Summit in Delhi on the 17th of January, she said that though people opt for natural and herbal products for various purposes, the herbal sector is still not able to make optimum usage of the available resources and opportunities.

She also expressed her aspiration to enlighten the mass about herbal medicines and Ayurveda, Unani and other herbal solutions to the westerners who are suffering from devastating side effects of allopathic medicine and wished to see India lead the world in the alternate medicine sector. She added that the westerners would not be favouring India but would be doing themselves a favour by changing their lifestyle and depending on herbal medications rather than allopathic.

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