Guggul to battle Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer has been  increasing in occurence in men that has devastating effects on the individual. The regular cancer treatments have a lot of side effects that again are difficult to deal with. Ayurveda seems to have a probable treatment for this. Guggul, a yellowish product produced by the Mukul tree, has been credited to show promising results against prostate cancer, according to a recent research.  The study has shown that Guggul helps in inhibiting the growth of the cancerous cells by killing the cells and preventing them from spreading into the surrounding areas called apoptosis.

The study has moved away from the traditional use of Guggul for curbing cholesterol levels in the body. In some earlier studies of natural remedies against prostate cancer vitamin D, lycopene, omega- 3 fatty acids and Green Tea has shown to provide effective results.

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