Keep joint pains at bay this winter

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Joint pains are very common during the winter season and it can be very frustrating since it gets difficult to carry out daily activities comfortably. Having strong bones would help in the prevention of this and most people rely on calcium tablets for the same since calcium strengthens the bones. But we need to get to the root cause so that a permanent cure can be found.

Ayurveda claims that there are a lot of decoctions and herbo mineral formulations that soothe joint pains and also relieve from chronic arthritis. Dr. Anand Choudhary, associate professor of the Faculty of Ayurveda in the Banaras Hindu University from the Department of Rasa Shastra, says that there are a lot of Ayurvedic drugs that come in the form of powders called churnas and decoctions and herbal formulations that are used to treat joint pains. The Yograj Guggul (prepared from extracts of guggul plant) along with Ajmodadi churna (special powdered drug) and Vat Vidhwanshak Rasa (a decoction) are some of the formulations that have been found to beneficial in joint pain, including arthritis. He also added that Mahanarayana Taila (oil) and Panchaguna oil also serve the purpose. Rasa Saptak Kwat and Dashmool Kwat have also reported to show beneficial effects in joint pain other ailments affecting joints like arthritis and gout.

Prevention is always better than cure. Keeping our bones healthy and strong is something that we can do on a regular basis. Consuming protein and calcium rich food will help strengthen bones. Vegetarians should include egg in their diet. Appropriate clothing, especially during the winter season and keeping oneself warm is very important. Exposure to sunlight which is a natural source of Vitamin D is known to strengthen bones. If joint pains persist it is very important to consult a physician.

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