Recycle Urine- Consume it to stay healthy!

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Urine Therapy is one of the most popular techniques mentioned in the scripts of Ayurveda. It is not surprising that people might be repulsive towards the idea of consuming ones urine since it is considered a waste that is thrown out of the body. This notion of urine being a toxic waste is a misconception and it has been seen to be helpful in curing many diseases. Some of the serious diseases like tuberculosis, asthama, cancer, osteoporosis, gout, impotence, diabetes, gangrene, hyperacidity, heart disease, stomach related problems, intestinal problems, psoriasis, piles, etc are seen to be cured with urine therapy.

A person’s own urine has antibodies that are perfectly suited to cure the particular disorder in the body which makes it important to consume ones own urine. People’s misunderstanding of urine such as it being a waste and that the body doesn’t need it and hence has thrown it out of the system should be gotten rid of .It should be understood that urine is a  derivative of the blood and contains elements differing in compositions which are filtered and collected in the kidneys when in excess. This is sterile and is free of almost all bacteria.

Urine is available in synthetic form for making consumption less a hassle. But urine in its natural form is best for consumption since it has no side effects. This is die to the presence of natural enzymes and antibodies in urine which is not present in synthetic urine.

Urine therapy is now rediscovered and is widely used and accepted in curing various diseases.

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