World Ayurveda Congress in December

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BANGALORE:  To boost the popularity of Ayurveda and related fields, the fourth edition of the World Ayurveda Congress (WAC) and Arogya Expo will be held in Bangalore during December 9-13.

Around 4,000 delegates from 42 countries will take part in the Congress. Dr Geetakrishnan, Organising Secretary, said experts from across the world would present around 1,270 research papers. Also, there will be six plenary  sessions wherein 24 internationally-acclaimed speakers will address the gathering, she said.

The fourth WAC will showcase as to how ayurveda can provide safe, cost-efficient and effective healthcare for all, especially in case of food and nutrition, primary healthcare, mother and child care and ayurvedic management of chronic lifestyle diseases.

Informing about Arogya Expo, Geetakrishnan said the spotlight this year was on India’s traditional and tribal knowledge in healthcare systems. She said there would be around 500 stalls at the expo.

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