Holistic Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit Inaugurated in Mumbai

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A holistic cardiac rehabilitation unit with exclusive cardio-respiratory and other heart care treatment services was inaugurated in Mumbai. The cardiac rehabilitation unit— Apex Beat holistic heart care centre— would offer integrated services of allopathic, physiotherapy and ayurvedic specialties. It aims to rehabilitate every heart that seeks quick pre-operative or post-operative cardiac care.

Recommended by cardiologists around the world as an essential programme for faster recovery and improve the overall physical and mental functioning of heart patients, cardiac rehabilitation is often a customised programme of exercise, diet, education and counseling that aims to prevent the heart condition from worsening, thereby reducing the risk of future heart problems and related complications. The Apex Beat CRU is an initiative in the field of Ayurveda by leading Ayurvedic practitioner Vaidya Sane Ayurved Lab Pvt Ltd, also well-known for some of its copyrighted treatments in heart diseases, joint pains, gynaecological problems etc.

About four years of intense planning has gone into Apex Beat CRU, explained Dr Rohit Sane, Director of Vaidya Sane Ayurved Lab Private Limited. “Over time, with advanced research on fundamental and clinical aspects of heart diseases and their treatments, we developed a new Ayurvedic technology incorporating various levels of customised and monitored exercise plan. The treatment worked hand in hand with panchakarma therapy, diet, meditation and counseling. Thus programmes are tailored to individual needs and health condition and it is arguably the first time that cardiac rehabilitation has been approached so holistically,” said Dr Sane.

The centre can accommodate up to 40 patients in various departments in a day. Apex Beat CRU, has on the anvil, an exclusive department for preventive therapy, wherein patients with angioplasty (with or without problems) would be cared for. Ditto with departments for patients who have undergone bypass surgeries and valve replacements, there would be specialised exercise therapies for those who have cholesterol or triglyceride problems, diabetes, and hypertension, Dr Sane added.

In a couple of months following the launch of the first Apex Beat CRU on Vikroli-Jogeshwari Link Road, Vaidya Sane Ayurved Lab Pvt Ltd also plans to introduce two more exclusive Ayurved Cardiac Rehabilitation Units.

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