250 ayurveda-related manuscripts digitised

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PUNE: A Hyderabad-based ayurveda institute has digitised about 250 manuscripts on ayurveda which are currently archived at the city-based Bharat Itihaas Sanshodhak Mandal. For this purpose, the Indian Institute of History of Medicine (IIHM) in Hyderabad had sent a team of five research scholars to digitise the manuscripts. The work which began on April 24 winded up on May 13.

The manuscripts date back to the 15th century right through to the 19th century, and are written in Marathi, Modi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Kannada, Urdu, Persian and Hindi. “The manuscripts are very informative regarding various issues related to health, for instance, proper eating habits, effective herbal medicines and concoctions and the like. The digitised versions of these documents will be used for further study by the Hyderabad-based institute,” said research scholar Bhujan Bobade, who is coordinating the digitisation process for the five-member team. He is currently associated with Hyderabad-based Andhra Pradesh Manuscript Library and Research Institute (APMLRI).

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  • May 20, 2009 at 3:51 pm

    could you please inform how the manuscripts are digitized? What is the “step-wise-process?


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