Cure migraine the natural way

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Migraine has become more than just a pain in the head; it affects your daily functioning and makes every day a painful experience. Summer just adds on to the pain due to exposure to the harsh sun rays.

Ayurveda looks at migraine as mostly a pitta dosha, which is an imbalance in the body heat. Migraine could also be caused as part of the vata dosha or kapha dosha as well but pitta dosha is looked into as the main cause.

Ayurveda looks at balancing the doshas so as to bring about not just a bodily balance but also solve the root cause of the problem.

Herbal cures include the use of chyavanprash, ashwagandha, shatavari, brahmi, jatamamsi and gudachi amongst others. Herbal hot oil massage also known as Shirodhara is used to relieve headaches.

Other than that, some basic things can one can incorporate to relieve oneself of migraine can be done on a daily basis. Since it is summer, avoiding the Sun as much as possible would help to a large extent since the heat from the Sun also increases the pitta levels in the body. If staying out in the Sun is unavoidable, protect yourself from the Sun by taking an umbrella or putting on a wide hat.

Nature has answers to everything. And to relieve you of a migraine, a walk amongst greenery is your answer. A regular walk in the evening in a park or a garden or any other scenic place will not only make you feel good and relaxed but will also keep your headache away.

Pranayama is another solution that will give permanent results when followed with punctuality. Shitali pranayama is also known as the cooling breathing exercise. This involves rolling your tongue like a tube and breathing in air through your mouth. You will feel your saliva and your tongue cooling while you inhale. Exhaling is done from the nose. Following this breathing technique regularly not only keeps you healthy but will be a sure solution to bring your headaches down and also keep your body cool and the pitta in check.

Following these simple techniques will help you keep your migraine at check.

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