Weed is good!

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If you think weeds are unnecessary plants growing in your gardens and empty neighbourhood sites, think again. Not all weeds, though harmful, are useless to humans. One such weed is what is called the Bili Yekka in Kannada also called the Milkweed. The weed has got its name from the white, milky liquid that oozes out of the leaves when cut.

It is not a misconception that this weed has allergic effects on the skin and fatal effects when consumed internally. But every coin has two sides to it. So does Milkweed. The medicinal properties of this weed haven’t gone unnoticed by natural medicinal practices such as Ayurveda. The scientific name of this weed is named from a Greek root word which means the God of Medicine.

This weed has healing properties for cutaneous diseases, cough, ascites, asthma and other related respiratory disorders. It also acts upon intestinal worms, dyspepsia, paralysis, recurrent fevers, inflammations and tumours. It is also helpful in eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa. It acts as a cleansing agent in large doses.

So the common saying- Looks can be deceptive, may not be completely true for this weed. It is not only a very attractive plant to have in your garden, but also easy to maintain and have a lot of benefits. Leaving aside its harmful effects the weed can be of immense use and adds on to the beauty of your garden.

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