Ayurveda Sukha centre inaugurated in AP

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Ayurveda is the need of the hour and Vizagites are fortunate to have a facility like Ayur Sukha right at their doorstep, said Deputy Inspector General (Visakha Range) Sowmya Mishra speaking at the inauguration of the Agri Gold’s Centre Ayur Sukha, the Multi Speciality Vydyalaya in the Port City here today.

”The Ayurveda, science of longevity, is a time tested medical discipline and very efficacious for chronic disorders. The significance of this science can be gauged from the fact that even westerners are looking upto it to find solutions for many unsolved health problems. Moreover in these days of high stress people do need a facility like this,” she said.

The new centre offers a wide range of treatments as well as therapy techniques to rectify imbalances. Most of the therapies are highly relaxing to soothe the body and calm the mind. Treatment plans are person-oriented and individually tailored.

The Ayur Sukha Joint Managing Director K.V.S. Sairam said people suffering from chronic disorders like back pain and hypertension were sure to find relief after taking treatment at the Ayur Sukha.

Stressing that keen attention is paid to the minutest detail in treating people, Mr. Sairam said, ”We manufacture our own products from the herbs grown with organic manure in our own fields.No chemicals are used at any stage of the process. Our traditional methods of treatment are so well received that even people from abroad come to us for treatment. We have unique and special packages for varied problems.” “Our weight” reduction package, which includes special massages, is extremely popular,” he elaborated.


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