Sanjivani Yojana to Boost Rural Healthcare

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The Union Minister for Surface Transport, Highways, Ship Building, Water Sources and Ganga Purification Department, Hon. Nitin Gadkari was the Chief Guest of ‘Gram Sanjivani Yojana’ function organized by Madhavbaug in Nagpur on 10th February 2018.

On this occasion, the Gram Sanjivani Health Scheme of Madhavbaug was launched at the hands of Hon. Gadkari, wherein he mentioned, “Currently, diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, and diabetes have become a major menace for the society and as of today, we need five lakh new doctors to fight them. While the government is trying to establish more medical colleges, other institutions and trusts need to take a lead in this work. Huge employment opportunities are available for those learning health education and Yoga.”

Hon. Gadkari congratulated Dr. Rohit Sane, Founder and CEO of Madhavbaug for his immense contribution and dedication in the field of cardiology with integration of Ayurveda and modern science. He further appreciated Madhavbaug patients for their trust in Madhavbaug’s treatment and their successful battle against lifestyle diseases.

About Madhavbaug’s Gram Sanjivani Yojana Scheme:

The Gram Sanjivani Yojana is a mission to target the non-communicable diseases at the roots of the nation – that is, in rural regions – as well as make lives easier for budding doctors in rural areas by giving them opportunities and incentives to practice in rural areas. Madhavbaug will provide assistance of Rs.50,000 to each doctor willing to open an OPD. Furthermore, as we expand into 50 OPDs by 2018 and 5,000 OPDs by 2025, these will create unique opportunities for doctors in the fight against NCDs. Convenient and high quality healthcare will be ensured as all OPD doctors will be provided resources and support from Madhavbaug, including technological support, senior doctor’s guidance, medicines, diagnostic equipments, and treatment protocols.

Madhavbaug’s launch of 5000 OPDs by 2025 will create an ecosystem of doctors who will be equipped to fulfill the growing healthcare requirements in the rural area. On the data and technology front, Madhavbaug has patient data of more than 10 years, using which we have created an artificial intelligence system to give clinical decision support that will help practitioners make accurate medical diagnosis. Clinical Management System guided consultation will help practitioners to cover all the aspects of the disease process. Integrating patient data and research expertise of Madhavbaug, practitioners will be able to run the OPD and assist patients with optimal efficiency. All consultations will be backed by Madhavbaug’s expert decision guidelines, pathological investigations, CMS guided diet prescription, and exercise prescription and support, thereby helping doctors have zero uncertainty in their practice.

Purpose of Gram Sanjivani Yojana

The purpose of launching the Yojana is to address the growing gap of supply and demand of healthcare services in rural regions of India. With more than 1 lakh patients treated, Madhavbaug now aims to replicate its success with basic essential facilities in the rural regions through the OPD model. The need for intervention in rural regions is evident with the growing cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and lack of qualified personnel to cater to the rural population. About 66% of Indian population lives in rural region. In Maharashtra alone, there are over 6 crore people residing. Over the years, the adaptation of urban lifestyle (sedentary lifestyle with more fast foods) has increased in rural areas, leading to more CVDs. A study conducted in Maharashtra found that in the 12-year period between 2000 and 2012, 32% of all diseases were CVDs. As many as 21.5% of all deaths in rural areas in India between 2010 and 2013 were due to CVDs. On the other hand, the number of doctors catering to rural sector has not increased at the same rate. In rural Maharashtra, as of 2015, there were only 1811 public health centers with a total of 2937 doctors. These doctors cater to a rural population of more than 50 million people. This means that in rural Maharashtra there is 1 doctor amongst 17,000 people in villages of Maharashtra.

Hon. Nitin Gadkari’s Views On Ayurveda and Healthcare in India

Hon. Gadkari also addressed the growing need for healthcare in India. He appealed to Madhavbaug to include courses like ‘Aarogya Rakshak’ in the health sector and prepare the youths to take advantage of the opportunities in this field by training them in Yoga and other treatments. He also appealed to the people to work on preventive measures in order to avoid lifestyle disease altogether rather than taking efforts to manage and cure them after their advent.

The function at Chitanawis Hall received an overwhelming response from about five hundred patients currently under Madhavbaug’s care.


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