Feature Your Product / Service

AyurvedNews.com is a platform that can be used by brands to create awareness about their offerings. We can feature your product / service / offering to our select audience. The team at AyurvedNews.com is geared towards propagation of healthy living and admires the value of quality products & services in this segment. A brand may opt to go in for a paid feature of its offerings which can be done immediately or get it reviewed personally by us.

AyurvedNews.com has access to many doctors and product users from whom a brand may get genuine reviews and feedback too.

Product Review

We are open to brands sending us their products for review along with all supporting documents like published papers, marketing materials, lab reports, quality certificates, details of their facility etc. For a nominal fee we shall review the product and post it on AyurvedNews.com

Spa, Resorts & Therapy Center Reviews

We are willing to travel anywhere across the globe to find and review promoters of holistic health & healing. A good experience will naturally be followed by a detailed review of the services, location, process and highlights of the center. Upon request we can assess or even audit the place and provide you with feedback, tips and internal reports for improvement.  Travel arrangements will have to done from Bangalore.


Public Relations agencies may also send in their requests. We are willing to work with varying budgets and commitments.

To send your request for review and other details contact us.

We also solicit sponsorship from brands.