Inhale, exhale, destress!

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Breathe in, breathe out. You do this every living second of your life. But you may take this process for granted since it happens involuntarily. But if you put in an effort to follow the right kind of breathing technique, you will benefit a lot more than just getting air into your lungs.

Pranayama is a very popular breathing exercise that people indulge in for great health benefits. But it is very important to learn the right technique from a professional trainer. However, if you want to breathe healthy while you do, you could follow a couple of simple techniques that will not only help you nourish your body cells and organ systems but also relieve you from stress caused by daily life events.

You could begin with holding your breath and balancing it. Breathe in and keep a count to four and continue holding the breath for another four counts and then exhale completely while keeping the same count. Wait for another four counts before you inhale again. Continue this breathing pattern for about a minute before you get back to your regular breathing rhythm.

Then you could take in a whole breath, to the maximum extent that you can take in. you can imagine how each whole breath you take in will rejuvenate every cell in your body. Exhale completely while releasing all the muscular tensions and release all the stressful thoughts which each exhalation. The large amount of oxygen that enters into your body not only helps in keeping your body nourished but will also help you feel fresh and less stressed out.

You could do this at the convenience of your home, office cabin, your travel to work, or even while waiting at the bill counter for the queue to move out. You could also do this when you feel that you are getting irritated or losing your temper and this will instantly make you feel better.

Go ahead, breathe easy!

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