Doodh hai wonderful!

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Doodh doodh doodh doodh doodh hai wonderful, pee sakte hai roz glassfull, doodh doodh doodh doodh… goes the ad jingle which sings about the benefits of drinking milk everyday. It is a song that we will sing along but it should become a habit that we consume cow’s milk everyday.

Ayurveda doesn’t just place the cow in the place of a Goddess but gives the cow’s milk utmost importance for the overall well being of humans and helps in healthy growth. Boiled or pasteurised cow milk is more digestible since the proteins would already be converted to amino acids. Cold milk consumption is not adviced as it is knows to reduce the effect of the digestive enzymes which in turn causes the formation of mucus.

Milk is a rich source of Vitamins A, B2 and B3, calcium and proteins. It is very beneficial for pregnant and nursing mothers and children. Expectant mothers can also consume yoghurt, a product of milk to prevent miscarriage, premature delivery or any other birth related complication. It is also known to reduce and even prevent acidity. Boiled milk with a pinch of turmeric, black pepper. ginger and cinnamon is an easy to prepare medicine to reduces the heaviness of the stomach by hindering the production of mucus.

An exhausting day can be ended with a glass of milk as it not only helps in digestion of food but also helps in getting a sound sleep.

So the next time your mother asks you to drink that glass of milk before you run off into your routine, listen to her for your own good!

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