International Conference at NIPER

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A International Conference held for 5 days titled “New developments in drug discovery from natural products and traditional medicines”, inaugurated by Prof. Harkishan of Punjab University, Chandigarh,  was in force at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER). Dr MC Wani, Emeritus Professor, USA and Prof David Kingston, USA, were the guests of honour.

Prof Harkishen talked about the contribution of Col Sir Ram Nath, who is referred to as the father of natural products in the field of Indian medicine system.

Prof KK Bhutani, officiating Director, NIPER, welcomed the guests and mentioned that there was a renewed interest in natural products and herbal research due to their low toxicity/less adverse effects. “The world is looking towards ‘Green India’, with its rich biodiversity and millennia old traditional medicine system of Ayurveda, offers a unique opportunity for drug discovery from natural sources. Research inputs to provide scientific basis to Ayurveda are need of the hour. This provides unique advantages for the pharma industry to enhance drug discovery programmes in India. This conference will provide a platform for networking international and national researchers, pharma industry and government agencies to derive the benefits from natural products and traditional medicines,” he added

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